24 Apr 2012

The big move

So as mentioned before I'm no longer working from that super cold basement in Gateshead (cheers all round!), instead I've moved into a rather swanky studio right in the centre of Newcastle. We have a concierge and everything; it's a helluva upgrade!

As you can see, there's a bit more equipment than in the old space, I'll be sharing it with my old partner in crime Len Allwood as well as my ex-tutor from Newcastle college David Hails and his partner Sarah Jane Clayton. We all shifted our collective gear in so there's a whole host of new toys to play with: heat press, vinyl plotter, etching/woodcut press, and of course my screen printing vacuum bed press.
For now we're operating under the collective name One Thousand Eyes, there's a website on the way and we're aiming for a debut exhibition in about 3 months time, so keep your ears peeled.

Let the playtime commence!

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