24 Apr 2012

First things first..

It's official, as of February I am totally, for realz, self employed.
Scary stuff.

So first up, big props to the lovely folks over at PNE Enterprise for helping me get on my feet, I couldn't recommend them enough to anyone thinking about going self employed and based in the North East.

Secondly, branding... I'm operating under the business name Dabble Dabble, but for the time being I'll be sticking with my current branding with as few changes as possible. It's more than likely I'll be switching out the title of the blog as I'm no longer operating from a cold basement (horray! more on that later) so Down Below doesn't really seem quite appropriate. So far as logos etc go, I'll be sticking with my little chief for now until I'm really satisfied with something new, but colour schemes, typefaces and layout will stay the same.
I've just realised there is no image of my little chief anywhere on here, but he's what I use on my business cards/twitter pic and all that jazz, so here's a picture of him for your viewing pleasure:

Keep it unreal,

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