19 Oct 2011

Recent Work

In preparation for my show at the end of November with Len Allwood and Dan Ash, fellow Black Rabbits, I've been working on some new screen prints. This bunch are a little more playful than the usual sombre style I go for, but I do plan to do at least a couple of suitably macabre when I get the chance.

The Let's Go Get Lost prints are actually silkscreened onto some of the old national geographic maps from my slowly growing collection. I've wanted to do something special with them for a while but could never settle on a concept. Just about every single one of them is totally different depending on the map it's printed on, so if you're interested in purchasing one and fancy a particular country or continent then get in touch and let me know.

The other print I've been working on, Over Land, Sea and Air was actually reworked from an illustration I made as a present for my mother a few months ago, or the treehouse part was at any rate. It's printed on a single long narrow sheet, but I figure it could easily be cut down and framed separately if you feel inclined that way.

As always, if you're interested in buying any of my print work you will find it in my online store
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