12 Jan 2012

slowly but surely..

Things are on the move! In a few days I should be able to officially state that I am self-employed (horrah!) that is, as soon as I wrap my head around all this legal mumbo jumbo.

In other news, there's some really exciting stuff planned for the next few months with Illustration NE, of which I am now officially an assistant curator, or 'minion'. In particular we are looking for artists/illustrators/designers to take part in a city-wide project to brighten-up spaces under bridges, so if you like drawing on stuff where lots of people will see, then shoot Laura an email to register your interest and she'll keep you updated.

There's also some BIG plans for my involvement with this years Make-It fair at the Life Centre over in Newcastle, and when I say big, I mean literally, large in scale. There will be much cardboard involved, so fans of the old cardboard armadillo should keep their ear to the ground..

Other than that, things have been pretty slow on the actual making art side of things, although the rather smashing Len Allwood has been in doing a spot of printmaking and generally stopping me from going crackers.

Oh, and thanks for being dears and not pointing out that I'm already falling behind on my new years resolution.

peace out

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